Sreina Native American - Tibetan Handmade Flutes

The Art of Creating Flutes

A Zen Meditative Experience

It connects humans with Nature.

Sreina Native American – Tibetan flutes are created with intent and inspiration from Mother Earth. The process allows anyone to enter in a calm and meditative state.

The flutes are 100% highlands mountain bamboo / wood made and they can be in any music key. They are a unique combination of the maker’s roots and strong influence of native American folklore.

❝ To me, Making Flutes is meditation ❞

Bone learned from master “Erik The Flutemaker” in the USA while living there and highly inspired by Tibetan flute player Nawang Khechong.


Crafting Harmony

Watch Bone Lhamokyap weave Cultural Threads through the enchanting process.


He creates flutes using simple hand tools and fire just as his ancestors have done for thousands of years, truly connecting to the Earth.

Bone has also been teaching to youth communities to transmit his passion.


Native American - Tibetan Flute

Inspired by the powers of the two ancient cultures of the earth and spirit.

Made with highlands mountain bamboo/wood and decorated with turquoise & deer leather.

Available with: 
-Leather hardcase
-Fabric hardcase
-Soft Tibetan fabric case

❝ An authentic connection to the ancestors, back to the roots, the deepest place where Spirit and Soul come and go. ❞

Andes Quena Flute, Near and Far.

This flute comes from the folklore of the Andes of South America.
It brings the world inner feelings played in every single piece of its music.

Andes Flute Medium Key.

❝ It is tenacious, no matter the obstacles, it persists in existence. ❞

Tibetan Mountain Flute

Inspired by the Tibetan Flute Master Nawang Khechog.

❝ Strong yet kind as the mountain, with warmth and strength. It knows the truth. All that is real will remain... ❞

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