SREINA - Bone Lhamokyap

Original music from the soul of the སྲུང་འགོག་དམག། Shongomah Tibetan Tribe and Native American Spirit.

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It is the admiration to nature and a pure heart yearning to the peace and beauty of life.

The Voice Of The Land

Bone Lhamokyap is from Zhouni Nalang Valley, Gannan in the southwest of Gansu Province where the Sangemao tribe has lived for generations. Each river and each rock of that land are the deepest roots in his soul. He has been a professional musician for over a decade and is the founder and lead singer of the band SREINA.

Bone is skilled in playing a diverse range of instruments such as the guitar, flute, and keyboard, seamlessly blending ethnic components with electronic harmonies. Additionally, Bone boasts proficiency in Kundalini meditation and chanting, having acquired extensive practice.


Latest Releases

The Ground I Love Forever

An ancestral tribute to the land that flows within our bones.

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The Art of Creating Flutes

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